Standing Up Against the Financial Minister’s Budgeting Strategy

On Wednesday 16th January, I questioned The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy, and Fair Work, Derek McKay, about his budgeting plans which have the potential to bankrupt Scotland. As he plans to draw down from the capital and resource reserve, he will be leaving behind a negative reconciliation for the next Financial Minister. Unfortunately, his weak response showed that he had no intention of shifting his policies to offer Scotland a better financial forecast.

I am concerned with the financial decisions made by the Scottish Government and the poor planning in terms of maintaining reserves for the future. The SNP’s spending policies put Scotland’s finances at risk and in 2021 there will be a foreseeable financial blackhole of £472 million.

I will continue to hold the SNP to account and stand up for my constituents in the face of policies that threaten the financial security of our country. You can read the full question and response here or --watch it from 9:36:47 here.