About Alexander

Alexander Burnett is the current Member of the Scottish Parliament for the constituency of Aberdeenshire West.

Elected in May 2016, Alexander beat the bookies by taking the seat of Aberdeenshire West from the SNP, increasing our share of the vote by 17% which more than DOUBLED our numbers from 6,027 to 13,500 votes.

Speaking after his election, he said:

“The North East is having a hard time of it at the moment, with rising local unemployment on top of the floods and the oil and farming crises. We have shown great resilience in the face of these difficulties. Now, perhaps more than ever, Scotland needs not to be distracted by the prospect of another Independence referendum. Let’s pull together to focus on tackling these important issues”

True to his word, in just under two years, Alexander has already achieved a great deal for Aberdeenshire West and its constituents.

He has been at the forefront of a campaign to help raise awareness for those affected by Lyme Disease, an affliction which typically affects those living in rural areas. To this end, Alexander hosted parliamentary events, submitted questions to the Scottish Government, and brought the issue to debates. He was also successful in achieving cross-party parliamentary support for Rotary’s End Polio campaign, and has consistently lent his voice to bolster sales for the delicious Purple4Polio ice-cream – the idea for which was first conceived in Huntly! In addition, Alexander achieved great success in raising funds and parliamentary awareness for the rare disease Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), working closely with The Teddington Trust, a local charity based in Alford, which aims to improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease. Alexander is also a staunch supporter of the Save Bennachie Campaign, which aims to preserve one of Aberdeenshire West’s most beautiful landmarks whilst providing solutions to the area’s traffic problems. He was delighted with the recent news that Option X is still being considered as a viable alternative for the re-routing and dualling of the A96.

After attending an event at the Scottish Parliament on the hardships that people face as a result of being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Alexander has written to NHS Grampian in order to secure funding for a nurse that specialises in treating the illness. He is also currently in the process of securing a debate in the Scottish Parliament that will address the issue of access to disabled toilets, and has held meetings with doctors on this subject to try and procure additional means of distributing information to the public that is not solely online. This is because many people that require disabled toilet access are elderly, and might not always have connection to the internet.

Alexander has frequently visited local schools and has gladly welcomed them to Parliament in return. Engaging young people in politics is of utmost importance, which is why Alexander often invites interns to work in Parliament and experience politics in action! He has also recently established a Christmas Card Competition which runs each year for primary school children, where they can submit their designs for a Christmas Card - the winning design will feature on our Christmas Card and will be sent out to all our constituents! 

In Parliament, Alexander is the Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, a role which reflects his personal desire to tackle climate change and to help enable Scotland to become a frontrunner in the development of renewable technology. In this role, he is responsible for holding the Scottish Government to account on business and industry in Scotland, trade and inward investment, corporate social responsibility, the voluntary sector and the social economy. Other responsibilities include community business and corporate development, European Structural Funds and energy.

Alexander is the Deputy Convener of the Cross-Party Group on Renewable Energy Efficiency which considers a range of factors that will help Scotland to become more energy efficient and how increased energy efficiency could help Scottish citizens by cutting costs and eradicating pollution.

He is also the Co-Convener of the Cross-Party Group on Oil and Gas which aims to recognise the importance of the oil and gas industry to the UK and to support the use of offshore technology and skills in the development and production of renewable energy.

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Personal Life:

Alexander lives near Banchory with his wife and three children, having always had a strong family connection to the area.

He was educated at Newcastle University, where he graduated with an LL.B., before working abroad for nine years in Azerbaijan.

Outside politics, Alexander is well-known in Deeside through his rugby, renewable energy and community activities.