What can an MSP do?

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) can represent their constituents in various ways. 


They can:

  • Lodge motions to allow other MSPs to show their support for an issue or to gather support from MSPs to have the issue debated in Parliament
  • Attend committee meetings which deal with particular bills or issues
  • Speak in a debate about a bill or an issue
  • Introduce a bill to change law
  • Propose an amendment to a bill passing through the Parliament
  • Ask the Scottish Government a question or write to the relevant Cabinet Secretary or Minister
  • Refer matters to, or ask questions of, another person or organisation
  • Help raise the profile of an issue in the media


We split our time between working in Parliament and working in the constituency. In Parliament, I spend my time fighting for my constituents by voting for and scrutinising legislation that is in the best interest of Aberdeenshire West, in addition to raising local concerns in debates and meetings. When I'm in the constituency, I regularly hold surgeries for my constituents, where they can come and talk to me about any local issues they might be experiencing. I also attend local meetings, events, and spend time visiting a range of local businesses and organisations.

To check if you are one of my constituents, please enter your postcode on the Scottish Parliament website.

If you are a constituent and have a problem that you think I might be able to help with, please contact me using the details below:


Address:   Alexander Burnett MSP, M2.18,

                 The Scottish Parliament,


                 EH99 1SP

Telephone: 0131 3485 642

Email: Alexander.Burnett.msp@parliament.scot



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