Coronavirus - Physical Health

It is important that people try their best to stay healthy during this time. If you are in self-isolation, see below for some useful resources on types of exercise you can do whilst inside.

Many of these activities are suitable for those over the age of 65 and are recommended by the NHS. 

If you are in a vulnerable group and are currently in self-isolation but not showing any symptoms, the Government currently advises that you can go outside for exercise in your local area but please stay more than 2 metres from others.

If you have symptoms or live with someone who has symptoms, you are required to stay inside. If you have symptoms, stay at home for 7 days. If you live with someone who is showing symptoms, stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms


Paths for All:

It is important that during this pandemic we look after our mental health and wellbeing, and getting outside for exercise is one way to help boost your spirits

This month it is national walking month, and Paths for All have created a new campaign ‘Mind to Walk’.

They have launched a guided walking meditation podcast, narrated by Scottish radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman, to help relax your mind on your walk.

To listen to the podcast visit:

They have also provided useful tips to help people stay active and healthy during these challenging times:


NHS Indoor Exercises:

Sitting exercises:

Balance exercises:

Strength exercises:

Gym-Free workouts:



Yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Online resources, especially Youtube, offer tutorials which are helpful for beginners to ensure that you practice safely, as well as inspiring new movements. 

See also:


More intensive exercises:

NHS 10 minute workout:

NHS 10 minute cardio workout:


For Children: