This week in Parliament: 19/02/2018

This week in Parliament: 19/02/2018

On Monday I held street surgeries in Kincardine O’Neil and Torphins. I appreciate my constituents coming out to speak with me about issues and concerns they are facing in their communities.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of going to the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre at Stirling University. The Innovation Centre focuses on creating connections between academia with industry to create a collaborative approach on important issues. They emphasise on attracting additional knowledge and insight from the wider sector and encourage the next generations to join the aquaculture sector. In addition to finding funding for aquaculture from within the UK and EU. In the afternoon I spoke in the Members’ Business debating Quick Credit Voucher, Tackling Fuel Poverty in Scotland. I gave a speech on Fuel poverty and ways to help overcome it, I believe the best way to help those who are in need of fuel assistance is to help them with better insulation and energy efficiency measures, in order to reduce their energy bills.

On Wednesday I attended Finance and Constitution Committee meeting on taking evidence on the United Kingdom Trade Bill and the associated Scottish Government legislative consent memorandum. At lunchtime I chaired the Oil and Gas CPG on the decommissioning of oil rigs in the North East, it is vital that we take advantage of our skilled workforce for this ever growing sector of the industry. In the afternoon I attended the Stage 3: Budget Bill debate in the Chamber, where the main concerns were the proposed raise in taxes by the SNP, which the Scottish Conservative party opposes. We believe we can grow the Scottish economy and increase its tax revenues without a raise in taxes.

On Thursday morning I had a meeting with Collete Cohen, CEO of Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC). Their main focus is to fundamentally change the oil and gas landscape with the help of industry, government, academia and the public on this project. One year in, their plan is going well for a delivery mechanism that facilitates collaboration and accelerates the development and deployment of the technologies that addresses real industry challenges.

I attended the First Minister Questions (FMQs) the main topic in the chamber was on the home leave granted to prisoners and the recent attack that occurred recently by a newly released prisoner. This appalling case raises serious questions about our justice system. ater in the afternoon I attended the SPREEE CPG meeting the topic of this meeting was on electric cars and their use of sustainable and renewable energy.

On Friday I attended a meeting with the Tourism Sector SE. TSE is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to provide services and expertise that supports the performance and growth of tourism businesses and destinations. They achieve this by working hard with others to deliver a range of relevant services and support programmes designed with our member businesses’ and destination partners’ needs in mind