This Week in Parliament: 16/04/2018

On the weekend I spent a day with my daughter cleaning up litter in Banchory. It is important that communities start to take the initiative of keeping their local environment clean by picking up litter and bringing it home with them to dispose of.

On Monday I held a surgery at the Banchory Business Centre. I appreciate my constituents coming out to speak with me.

On Tuesday I attended the debate on Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform committee debate on Air quality in Scotland. I was able to speak during the debate on Air Quality on the use of public transportation in communities, the use of electrical vehicles and creating the proper infrastructure to facilitate this change to improve the air qua future generations air quality.  Later in the evening I attended a reception on Youth and the Environment. The reception allowed attendees to learn more about the engaging and innovative work that NGOs are carrying out with young people on nature conservation, environmental protection and sustainability.

On Wednesday, I attended the Finance and Constitution Committee on the trade bill, I was able to ask about the trade bills effect on Agricultural trade in Scotland and in other countries and if NFU Scotland will create a document for these issues similar to  “Steps To Change: A New Agricultural Policy For Scotland” document.