Alexander Welcomes the Chancellor to Booming Westhill

Alexander Burnett today welcomed Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to one of the UK's most succesful subsea companies, Westhill based Bibby Offshore. Whilst on the visit, George Osborne said:

“Our long term economic plan involves backing businesses in all parts of our United Kingdom, so we create more jobs.That's why I'm here in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine with our brilliant local candidate, Alexander Burnett, meeting skilled people who work hard in local firms. Companies like Bibby Offshore are major contributors to the oil and gas industry, which the government recognises as one of the key drivers of the UK economy. We've already cut business taxes and cut the jobs tax to help create many new jobs. I want to listen and hear what more the UK Government can do to support the economy here.” 

Alexander said

“I’m delighted the Chancellor managed to make time today to visit one of the area’s leading subsea firms. Bibby Offshore is a key employer in the Aberdeenshire area and an important part of the local economy. The site we visited today has only been open just over a year and the firm also have an impressive new office block nearby - great examples of how they are investing in the area. Bibby is another great example of a large business going from strength to strength by being part of one of the world's leading economies. That's the kind of strength and security you get by being part of the UK. That’s why it was so important for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to make this visit to hear what firms like Bibby Offshore had to say. Businesses in this area are successful through hard work, and the UK Government is offering to support that hard work and make it pay.”

Chief Executive of Bibby Offshore Howard Woodcock said: "As a leading North Sea services provider in the UK Offshore oil and gas industry, we welcome any initiative that promotes investment in this region."