Alexander visits Alford to talk with residents

It was great to be out in Alford on Monday 8th February talking to residents and their local issues and concerns.

Issues raised included concerns over the old school which has now been left and with no immediate plans to make use of the space or take it down. In addition, residents spoke of their worries over the proposed super pylons that are to go up past the Howe of Alford. I reassured residents that I was meeting with SSE at the end of February with Nanette Milne MSP to hear of their plans and ensure that they keep residents informed.

But what we are constantly hearing on the doorsteps are that those who have voted Labour and LibDem before are fed up of their own parties inconsistencies and inability to stand up against the SNP. In addition, we are finding some previous SNP voters now criticising the party for not focusing on the issues at hand in Scotland. We must call them to account on their record with the NHS, education and policing. For too long they have been dragging down these services despite the hardworking efforts of staff to hit targets and maintain good services.

Many voters are now turning to the Scottish Conservatives as they feel we are the only party who can provide a strong opposition to the SNP, stand up for the union and fight for lower taxes.