Alexander Presents Green Prizes

On Saturday 14th June, Alexander Burnett attended the Greenpower Event at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford, where he had the pleasure of presenting the prizes in the Green Goblin. It was a fantastic competition building and racing electric cars which showcased the talent of the next generation of potential engineers. With the involvement of TAQA, as well as sponsorship from local companies, it demonstrates how valuable such activities are in the North-East. Alexander had already heard much about it from his own children who attend Crathes Primary, so it was great to see the end result of all the children’s hard work. The experience the children gain from this event builds their confidence and skills to go onto greater things. It is events like these that we should be encouraging. This event in particular has grown from a competition of 8 teams to one with 32, an achievement the Greenpower Events Team should be proud of and one many children will look back on with fond memories.