Alexander meets with residents in Huntly


Alexander Burnett, Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Aberdeenshire West 2016 was in Huntly this week talking to Councillors and voters about local issues and concerns. Alexander commented ‘By having not one, but two fantastic Conservative councillors here in the Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford ward, I am very fortunate to be kept up to date on local community news by Cllrs Margo Stewart and Moira Ingleby.’


Alexander continued, ‘What we are all constantly hearing from people on the doors is that they are fed up of the SNP and no longer feel they can support Labour or the Liberal Democrats.  This is leading to many people lending their support to us, as they believe we are the only party who will stand up for the union and provide a strong opposition to the SNP. With the current MSP Dennis Robertson claiming there is no oil crisis in the North East, I want to stand up for local residents who were outraged at these comments. With your support, I will ensure that Holyrood understands the implications of the oil crisis and that we continue to find ways to support local communities across the North East.’