Alexander with his family

Alexander Burnett is the current Member of the Scottish Parliament for the constituency of Aberdeenshire West.

Elected in May 2016, he lives and works near Banchory with his wife and three children.

Outside politics, Alexander is well-known in Deeside through his rugby, renewable energy and community activities.

In May 2016, he stood against Dennis Robertson and beat the bookies by taking the seat of Aberdeenshire West from the SNP, increasing our share of the vote by 17% through more than DOUBLING our numbers from 6,027 to 13,500 votes.

“The North-East is having a hard time of it at the moment, with rising local unemployment on top of the floods and the oil and farming crises. We have shown great resilience in the face of these difficulties. Now, perhaps more than ever, Scotland needs not to be distracted by the prospect of another Independence referendum. Let’s pull together to focus on tackling these important issues.

“Families and businesses deserve more support from the next Scottish Government – particularly our rural communities.”

“I am delighted to have been returned as constituency MSP for Aberdeenshire West. I am incredibly grateful to all those who put their cross next to my name and in doing so put their trust in me to represent this great constituency in Holyrood.

“My promise to the people of Aberdeenshire West is very simple - I will always put my local area first and will fight to represent everyone no matter how they voted.

“With the Scottish Conservatives led by Ruth Davidson, you can be assured of a strong voice for the Union, a stronger opposition to the Scottish Government, and a clear voice for the North-East in Holyrood.

Alexander Burnett has the knowledge, experience, energy and determination to make a real difference for everybody and be a strong local voice for Aberdeenshire West.