Visitng Orkney - Leaders in the Tidal and Hydrogen Energy Sector

I was delighted to join my Scottish Conservatives' colleague Jamie Hlacro-Johnstone, on a visit to Orkney.

While there, I met with leaders in the Renewable Energy industry - including EMEC, the Orkney renewable energy forum, several companies and those in the council, at the wave test site facility at Billia Croo.  There is a huge amount going on in the wave, tidal and hydrogen sectors, with real opportunities for further growth.

Orkney is a living laboratory of what our rural and island communities can aspire to achieve.  I am excited to see the success of these projects and the prospects for similar projects to be rolled out across the North East.  

While in Orkney, I also spent some time at Skara Brae, the oldest discovered Neolithic village, even older than Stonehenge and known as the Pompeii of the north

This is in stark contrast to the modern, progressive projects now taking place in Orkney, and it was an eye-opening to see how contrasting the history and future Scottish Islands is. 

Thank you to the residents and workers on Orkney for your hospitality and such an informative, enjoyable weekend.