Spain’s Europe minister confirms independence Scotland would have to use Euro

Spain’s Europe minister has confirmed that a separate Scotland would not be able to opt out of adopting the Euro and would have to apply as a new member state under Article 49.

Ian Duncan MEP has urged voters to heed the comments from Inigo Menez de Vigo on the EU membership prospects of an independent Scotland.

The Spanish Europe Minister's comments echo the words of former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who said membership would be “extremely difficult if not impossible”.

Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan said:

“As European politicians and officials have been saying in private for years, an independent Scotland would have to apply for membership as a new state under article 49.

“Now we can add the voice of Spain's Europe Minister Inigo Menez de Vigo, who has publicly stated that an Independent Scotland would have to take the Euro, and that the timescale for membership is far greater than the Scottish Government's 18 month claim.

“The truth is that the best an Independent Scotland could hope for is less than people enjoy now. That means taking the Euro, losing the VAT rebate and joining the Schengen agreement. 

“The Scottish Government has to be honest with the people of Scotland and answer this question - why would European Union member states such as Greece or Spain allow an independent Scotland to opt-out of the Euro, when they are obliged to use it as currency?

“The simple answer is that they would not.”