Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

Police Scotland and every Force in the UK will be taking part in Counter Terrorism Awareness Week which will run from Monday 24 November until Sunday 30 November 2014.


The aim of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week is not to alarm the public but to help them understand the threat to the UK and ask for their help by reporting any suspicious activity. No one is better placed to notice someone or something out of place within a community than those who live and work in that community.   

It is important to make everyone aware that, although the threat level has recently been increased to SEVERE, meaning that a terrorist attack in the UK is “Highly Likely” there is no specific intelligence of any planned attack. However this raised threat level does mean that we all need to be vigilant.


During Counter Terrorism Awareness Week, the focus will be on five key areas: vigilance in crowded places and transport hubs, preventing violent extremism, preventing financing of terrorist groups and ensuring the safety and security of goods and materials which could be used by terrorists. There will be a range of activities taking place across Scotland including increased police patrols and additional training for those responsible for safety and security of buildings, businesses and neighbourhoods to help them recognise, respond to and report any suspicious activity.

There will also be a Safer Travel Day initiative held at airports and ports across Scotland where travellers can receive information and advice to help keep them safe. 

Police Scotland is working with OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator, to remind everyone to be cautious of donating to charity via third parties. Everyone wants to ensure that the money given goes to the people who are in need and is not diverted into funding any kind of criminal activity. 

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said: “Countering the terrorist threat is a combined effort, Police and other emergency services, business, government, local authorities and all our communities working together to tackle the real and current threat to Scotland. We are continually developing and expanding our intelligence picture – we gather and assess a lot of information, but we can never know too much.  I would urge anyone with any concerns to trust your instinct. If you see or suspect something please tell us. I can assure you that any information we receive will be carefully assessed and will be responded to sensitively and appropriately. You can call us on 101, call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 and in an emergency always call 999”