Alexander WINS Aberdeenshire West

Alexander Burnett has beaten the SNP to gain the seat of Aberdeenshire West for the first time.

Speaking on his win, Alexander commented,
"I am delighted to have been returned as constituency MSP for Aberdeenshire West. I am incredibly grateful to all those who put their cross next to my name and in doing so put their trust in me to represent this great constituency in Holyrood.

"I would also like to thank every activist, member and supporter who contributed to my campaign in so many ways: from leafleting to inputting data, donating to knocking on doors and more. Increasing our vote by 17% and more than doubling our vote from 6,027 to 13,500 votes in Aberdeenshire West is an achievement beyond our expectations. Without your dedication and support, myself and the Scottish Conservatives would not have gained the result we did.

"My promise to the people of Aberdeenshire West is very simple - I will always put my local area first and will fight to represent everyone no matter how they voted. I look forward to representing you all in Holyrood and working together to build a better and brighter future.”