Cross-Party Groups (CPGs) provide the opportunity for Members of all parties, outside organisations and members of the public to meet and discuss a shared cause or subject.

  • Alexander is the Co-Founder and Co-Convener of the CPG on Autism which aims to raise awareness and promote the interests of autistic people, including those with Asperger syndrome, their families and carers, and to influence government policy.
  • Alexander is the Co-Convener of the CPG on Oil and Gas which aims to provide a platform for parliamentarians to discuss all issues relating to the whole structure of the oil and gas industry; to raise specific issues of concern with the Scottish Executive and the industry itself; to promote innovation in offshore engineering; to encourage greater recognition of the oil and gas industry to the UK and to support the use of offshore technology and skills in the development and production of renewable energy. 
  • Alexander is the Deputy Convener of the CPG on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which aims to bring together MSPs and others with an interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Scotland. 
  • Alexander is the Deputy Convener of the CPG on Construction which aims to ensure that Scotland has a world-class construction industry delivering best value for its clients, a safe environment on its sites and a proper career path and employment prospects for its people.
  • Alexander is a member of the CPG on Beer and Pubs which aims to further the appreciation of good quality beer that is locally and independently brewed in Scotland. It also recognises the importance of pubs and bars to community life, particularly those based in rural areas. The group is designed to provide a forum to discuss policies that will impact on the beer and pub sector and affect beer drinkers and pub-goers across Scotland.
  • Alexander is a member of the CPG on Rural Policy which aims to inform MSPs and the wider Scottish Parliament about issues relating to rural policies and policy making in Scotland.
  • Alexander is a member of the CPG on Tourism which aims to highlight and promote the Scottish tourism industry. 

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